The People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Panama has begun the exploratory relations between a China Commercial Mission and Panamanian investors due to the undergoing negotiation of the Free Trade Agreement between both nations.

The ambassador of China, His excellency Mr. Wei Qiang, had the opportunity to express their keen ideas to be developed in the investment and industrial cooperation for both countries in a seminar that took place at the Chamber of Commerce of Panama, with the presence of Chinese investors as well as Panamanian Investors interacting in what we considered a successful initiation of commercial exchange.

Williams & Associates was present at such seminar to understand the intentions between both countries and to understand more of the the legal perspectives involved in this new era of bilateral commercial relations. Also to learn of the upcoming projects in Panama. As a Law Firm we provide a wide scope of services in different law areas to assist the representatives of both nations and their investors during the negotiations and upcoming project development.

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