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The Short Term Visa for Remote Workers ”DIGITAL NOMAD”

Executive Decree 198 of 7 May 2021.

Panama created a new visa opportunity, which allows an initial stay of nine months, that can be extended for an additional nine months.

This program will boost the economy by stimulating tourism, restaurants, purchases and consumption, and services in general, resulting in a greater reactivation of jobs for Panama

This visa is designed only for people working remotely for foreign businesses.

To access this visa the person must comply with the following requirements:

-To have a contract with a transnational company; or autonomus workers in the modality teleworking.

-To perform functions with effect abroad.

-To have income from abroad with an annual amount of at least US$36,000 or its equivalent in another currency.

What Are the Benefits?

-Fast processing time: under 30 days. The Immigration Bureau authorities are currently working to enable the online platform to process applications efficiently and in a timely manner.


Tax benefits: Panama is a tax-friendly nation that has a territorial taxation system and will not consider any income sourced from outside of Panama.

You can contact us for advice on this new visa; We also have vast experience in relocatio in Panama.