It is our business at WILLIAMS & ASSOCIATES to structure and protect your assets in order to secure the financial future and economical path of your wealth.

The financial planning and security of your assets most be done accordingly to your interest tailor made for you on a case to case basis. This asset planning administration and protection your assets is the key service to guide you in selecting the best corporate and banking structure for you.

Complete Recent Shelf Structure Package

WILLIAMS & ASSOCIATES provides the client with a new corporation, a recent Shelf Foundation, Bank Account Introduction and management if requested, a General Power of Attorney and virtual offices services.The structure that we generally recommend to our clients is a dual entity structure consisting of a Private Interest Foundation holding ownership of a Panamanian Corporation.

We recommend the dual entity structure because it provides the utmost in asset protection, anonymity, privacy, and convenience. The corporation holds all major assets, such as commercial businesses, real estate, etc. and the foundation acts as a holding company to the corporation, receiving profits into the foundation’s corporate bank accounts and brokerage accounts.