Corporate Law

This area constituted the core of our expertise since we specialized in the incorporation, operation and management of companies.

Asset Protection

We structure and protect your assets in order to secure the financial future and economical path of your wealth.

Inmigration Law

We specialized in immigration law in order to represent our clients in the process of obtaining a residence and work permit

Vessels & Yatchs

We offer a wide scope of services regarding Maritime Law due to advantages that the Republic of Panama have to offer in this area


Marco Williams De Souza:

– 1990-95, Legal and Labor Director, National Port Authority of Panama, during the transition government of President Guillermo Endara Galimany.

As Legal Director responsible for reviewing all the maritime laws and regulations that were under the jurisdiction of the Port Authority of Panama.

– 1996, Legal Consultant to the Maritime Authority of Panama

Represent the Port Authority in the elaboration and implementation of Law 8, which created the Maritime Authority of Panama.
Main negotiator on behalf of the Maritime Authority in the negotiations and final approval of the Kansas City Railroad Contract, which ultimately was publicly recognized by the former U.S. Ambassador for the transparency in the negotiations.

– 2002 , Senior Consultant, Patton Boggs, LLP, Washington, D.C.

Public policy and lobbying, business transactions, international trade and transactions, litigation and dispute resolution, private equity, venture capital, public finance and corporate finance. Coordinate with the firm a strategic alliance with firms in the region Manage with the Panamanian government the representation for the negotiations of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA). Initiate conversations with top governmental employees of the Dominican Republic to help resolve the energy issue, through an effective plan of financing representation on behalf of the firm.



  • Corporative Law

    In WILLIAMS & ASSOCIATES we are focus in developing and maintaining a close relationship with our clients in order to understand in a wider scope their requirements, therefore we are able to offer them an efficient legal advice that affects directly the strategies within the management of the company and execution of corporate activities.

  • Immigration Law

    WILLIAMS & ASSOCIATES has attorneys specialized in immigration law in order to represent our clients in the process of obtaining the residence and work permit under many immigrations categories that the Republic of Panama has to offer.

  • Intellectual Property Law

    All artistic works such as literary, are developments of human knowledge that have abstract values ??themselves because they are likely to represent a translatable active in money, and consequently demand for its heritage value care to be untapped illegally and unjustly by others who do not have ownership of those rights.

  • Vessels & Yachts Licensing

    The procedure for registration of ships of pleasure yachts, boats, sailboats and catamarans in Panama is quick and easy. The Provisional Registration can be obtained within two days of making the request, it will be necessary to provide full information on the ship and pay government taxes. After obtaining the Provisional Registration, within 6 months you will have to submit all original documents for the Permanent Register Licensing.



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