Know the Law, Know the Country

Legal tourism is an innovative form of attracting citizens of one country to another country to learn of a different juridical, commercial, and corporative structure that utilizes legal incentives promoted by certain countries and that creates the phenomenon of mobilization with the purpose of carrying out legal transactions or juridical activities.

People travel in the search of legal incentives that are not available in their own countries and are at a modest cost. Everything based on the usage and customs of International Private and Business Law.

Recent trend indicates that foreigners travel from countries that do not have legislation with attractive incentives for foreign investment and private equity, to countries that, on the other hand, do offer not only incentives but also a better cost for legal services from a global perspective. Another purpose of the trip is to learn more about other business incentives and business opportunities, such as attractive immigration laws.

In general, foreigners that take advantage of legal tourism look for countries with strong currencies to prevent devaluation of their personal assets or patrimony. They seek countries that offer fiscal incentives and that provide a second country that offers a similar or higher level of well-being

Foreigners also travel looking for countries with a solid banking and financial system for the opening of bank accounts; that possess a climate of respect for private property; political and juridical stability; and a friendly state policy toward foreigner investors. All together this creates the perfect venue for an asset management protection structure. They also look for the best favorable jurisdictions for their businesses and assets and an added value of having the best law to govern any litigation through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

The countries usually selected by foreigners are those with a strategic geographical position, an advance multimodal system for transportation with the most leading edge technology, and a steadily growing economy.

The term Legal Tourism fits perfectly with one of the services more solicited in the firm. Our clients, mostly foreigners, always organize their trips to address their legal business, leaving a few days to learn more of the most emblematic destinations of the country, since at Williams & Associates we take care of the legal business and a little more. With our structure, policies and alliances, foreigners can arrive and be taken by our hands to address their legal issues, see our investment portfolio, plan their business meetings, and know the country. This is why our motto is: “Know the Law, Know the Country”.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more of our packages Black, Platinum, Gold & Silver. We also arrange additional packages based on your needs.

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