• WILLIAMS & ASSOCIATES is a law firm that specializes in commercial, banking, corporate law, alternative dispute resolutions (ADR), regional stock market advisory, immigration, labor law and litigation.

    As a professional law firm, we assist clients entering the Panamanian market, advising them on the most efficient market entry strategy and tax efficient structure. Joint ventures, Foreign Collaborations, Technology transfers, Mergers and Acquisitions, Information Technology, Capital Market Transactions, Project Finance, Real Estate and Intellectual Property Laws are some of our additional assets.

    In addition, the firm’s services also include advice on the U.S. – Panamanian and Latin American stock market in general. This is accomplished through strategic partnerships with companies with well-known background and experience in this field. The establishment of subsidiary companies, liaisons, branch and project offices, including establishment of export-oriented units in the Export Processing Zones and Special Economic Zones as well as regulatory approvals from Government authorities, are also some of our regular business.

    Our commitment to our clientele is to provide them with a highly specialized legal service, of excellent quality, at a competitive rate, customized to the needs of our client and including a direct interaction with at least one of our partners according with the area at issue.

    Founder Marco Williams De Souza CV.