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New Requirements for Panama Permanent Residency under Executive Decree 343

Now it is easier for citizens of certain countries to obtain Permanent Residency status in Panama under the Executive Decree 343 signed on 16 May 2012.

You must provide the following documents:

[li]Passport (must have at least 9 months until expiration).[/li]
[li]National ID Card (if applicable; US citizens should provide a Driver’s License)[/li]
[li]6 passport photos (recommended dress code is “business formal”)[/li]
[li]Police record from your country of residence (US citizens need to provide an FBI background check).[/li]
[li]Evidence of economic or professional activity in Panama (one of the following): Real estate in Panama that is in your name or owned by a business that you own, Letter of employment and work contract from a Panamanian employer, Evidence that you own a Panamanian corporation (Note that National Immigration Services might also require evidence of economic activity in Panama – In other words valium abuse, don’t expect to form a shelf corporation and get residency for it. You need to actually do business in the country to qualify).[/li]
[li]Statement for a bank account at a Panamanian bank in your name.[/li]
[li]If you are married, you will also need to provide a marriage certificate.[/li]
[li]If you have any children, you will also need to provide their birth certificates.[/li]

In order to qualify for this process, you must be a citizen of one of the following countries:

[li]Czech Republic[/li]

If you are interested in learning about this process don’t hesitate in contacting us.

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You can download the Executive Decree 343 from here.

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