In order for immigrants to have a wide scope of knowledge regarding the immigration law, it is important to understand the modifications implemented, as well as getting in contact with a Law Firm as soon as they arrive to the country.

In this sense, the purpose for this Legal Report is to assess the newest modification in the Immigration Law of Panama, which was introduced under the Executive Decree No. 269 of May 31th, 2017, modifying the length of stay by reducing it from 180 days to 90 days for tourist coming from Colombia, Nicaragua and Venezuela. The purpose of this modification is to find a solution to reduce the number of illegal immigrants entering into the country.

Also, the aforementioned Decree establishes that the pre-registration of new applications (Extraordinary Regularization Process) according to Executive Decree No. 167 of 2016, is permanently closed. Therefore, all immigrants who arrive to the country must keep their status as tourist or apply to any of the ordinary categories established in the Immigration Law. The Extraordinary Regularization Process was a legal measure to regularize illegal immigrants that had more than 1 year in the country by granting them a Temporary Residence of 2 years with the possibility to renew it for 10 years once it expires.

It is important to note that Panama offers more than 51 categories by which any foreigner can apply as long as they comply with the requirements and the documentation needed by the National Immigration Service.

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