WILLIAMS & ASSOCIATES offers a wide scope of services regarding Maritime Law due to advantages that the Republic of Panama have to offer in this area, taking into consideration the client’s needs and interests we legally advice in process regarding registration of vessels, navigation licenses, vessels name registration, change of name or owner, as well as legal consulting in purchases and financial transactions.

Yacht Registration in Panama

The procedure for registration of ships of pleasure yachts, boats, sailboats and catamarans in Panama is quick and easy. The Provisional Registration can be obtained within two days of making the request, it will be necessary to provide full information on the ship and pay government taxes. After obtaining the Provisional Registration, within 6 months you will have to submit all original documents for the Permanent Register.


Navigation License

Within 6 months after the provisional registration is granted, upon submission of certain requirements requested by the Republic of Panama, duly registered, we can assist in the application for issuance of the Permanent Navigation Patent Regulatory for a period of four years, issued by the Direccion General de la Marina Mercante, which may be renewable for similar periods of time, provided that the ship is in order with the payment of annual fees and taxes, and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Radio License

All ships must install and maintain radio equipment on board. Upon request provisional registration, the vessel shall be issued with a provisional license of Radio, valid for three months. It may be renewed for equal periods of time thereafter. During this period, the Direccion General de Marina Mercante must receive an application for permanent radio license, which would be valid for four years and renewable for equal periods thereafter.