• Both areas constituted the core of our expertise since we specialized in the incorporation, operation and management of companies, as well as private interest foundations; including opening bank accounts and fiduciary services and any other matter related with incorporations and lifetime of companies. Also we offer legal services surrounding actions though shareholders’ agreements, mergers between companies and acquisitions.

    In WILLIAMS & ASSOCIATES we are focus in developing and maintaining a close relationship with our clients in order to understand in a wider scope their requirements, therefore we are able to offer them an efficient legal advice that affects directly the strategies within the management of the company and execution of corporate activities.

    In addition to many other legal services, we can offer:


  • There are various kinds of companies that can be constituted; however, the most popular is the offshore company. A Panamanian offshore company is exempted from taxes, if all transactions occurs outside the country’s borders. For example, an entrepreneur who does business electronically, can offer his services and products in foreign countries, but he receives the profits in the Panamanian offshore company duly registered in Panama, will not pay taxes in Panama on the profits from these.

    The addition or incorporation of a company in the Republic of Panama is a simple process, but legally requires the assistance of a lawyer, also known as resident agent. A fully legal and operational corporation can be created within 5 business days or less, once we have received all the information required. Contact us for a list of all documents and fees required.

  • A Panamanian Private Interest Foundation is a single legal structure that is similar in design, to that of a self-managed administrated trust, however, the Panamanian Private Interest foundations incorporates the benefits of a will, a trust and a partnership into a single entity. Panamanian Foundations are also anonymous, which helps deter the possibility that creditors identify their holdings. Under Panamanian law, Private Interest Foundations are exempt from litigation and are able to keep assets in Panama and in other foreign jurisdictions. Many foreigners have foundations that owns their residence and bank accounts in their home country and in Panama as well.

    Usually, foundations can be created in less than five business days once we have all the documentation required. Contact us for a list of all documents and fees required.



  • Today, it is much easier to come to Panama, and we can help you through the process. Our new Business Relocation package to Panama, helps you establish your current company in Panama with more facilities (you can also register a new company).

    With the package you receive:

    • A registered company.
    • A bank account.
    • Visa Panama.
    • Work Permit.
    • Customs services for the relocation of his family, property and pets.

    Contact us through our contact form or by calling our office: +507 397-1700 and we will gladly give you more information about this package