• WILLIAMS & ASSOCIATES have a prestigious team of attorneys in the banking law area in order to attend any requirement from our clients. Our attorneys offers legal assistance to acquire any type of bank license, legal consulting in bank internal structuring and business solutions to any compliance regulation, as well as services related to litigations, contracts, trusts, factoring and any other.

    We support our clients in structuring and conducting placements among the investing public obligations, secured or unsecured financing’s mortgage, ordinary participation certificates and letters of credit. We represent banks in all kinds of operations related to national and loans international corporate finance, including syndicated loans, leases, project finance, real estate and leasing, as well as all kinds of issues related to banking services including closures respective writings and for all kinds of procedures described above.

  • Characteristics & Benefits of Checking account

    • Availability of Funds
    • Personalized attention
    • VISA or MasterCard Debit Card (only for personal accounts)
    • Entrepreneurial Multipayroll
    • Loans guaranteed through the account
    • Branch offices network
    • Monthly Statement
    • Checkbooks
    • Transfer: local and international
    • Payment of public utilities through the ACH service
    • Online Banking 24 hours