• Asset Protection

    In WILLIAMS & ASSOCIATES, one of our goals is to build and protect your assets in order to secure your financial future and economic route to your economic welfare.

    Financial planning and securing assets should be made to the exact size of their interests and individually. This planning, management and protection of your assets is the key that will help in selecting the best corporate and banking structure for you.

    Different packages and Full list of structures to operate.

    In WILLIAMS & ASSOCIATES we offer our customers new Panamanian Private Interest Foundations and Corporations that are ready to start operations, also opening your bank account and managing it if required. We also offer the General Power of Administration and virtual costumer service.

    The structure we usually recommend to our clients is a dual entity consisting of a Private Interest Foundation which is the owner of the shares of a Panamanian Corporation.

    We recommend this dual entity structure because it offers maximum asset protection, anonymity, privacy and convenience. The corporation owns the largest number of assets, such as commercial businesses, real estate, among others. Also, the Private Interest Foundations acts as a holding company of the corporation, receiving profits in bank and as a broker of the foundation.