WILLIAMS & ASSOCIATES has specialized lawyers in the registration and renewal of trademarks, trade names, designs and patents to the Directorate General of Industrial Property Registration.
Our lawyers also provide advice on litigation related to Intellectual Property (Process Opposition to trademark registration, Demands Annulment and Cancellation and actions against violations of copyright), as well as criminal prosecution for crimes against intellectual property.

Copyright Registration

All artistic works such as literary, are developments of human knowledge that have abstract values ​​themselves because they are likely to represent a translatable active in money, and consequently demand for its heritage value care to be untapped illegally and unjustly by others who do not have ownership of those rights.

That’s why the creators of artistic works that have a market value, should preferably register their work to prevent illegal copying and unfair competition from third parties taking advantage of the development of knowledge and creativity of others


The advantages of brands are that they help us differentiate a service or product from one another, permitting this distinction, establish certain individualities for the customer of the product or service not to confuse it with the competitor and that way competitors take unfairly positioning of our brand and the customer also harms getting what you do not want to get.

For registration you need to provided that the brands are organized by their nature depending on their use or the essence for what is registered, and that has been called classes of the brands. Therefore, it is imperative to carry out the registration of a trademark is expressed exhaustively in that class you want to register it, since brand protection is directly related to the type of class in which it is registered. There are 45 classes, which are spread over 11 different types for services and 34 different types corresponding to the products

Patent Registration

Panamanian law through Law 35 of 1996, has also laid the protection of industrial property, which is based on promoting respect for intellectual effort and material for those who have produced inventions or utility models and that have protected by a patent. Of course in order to register an invention it is universally accepted that this invention, it must be new and of course meet certain requirements, so that it can be obtained the patent for the invention and thus able to enjoy the exclusive exploitation rights of the invention